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Sport Fighting

Ghost is an elusive combat system designed for sport fighting where the rules allow you to stand and strike

For Everyone

Ghost is for all ages and abilities for those who don’t want to get PUNCHED in the face!

kids martial arts

Even a blind person can knock you out when you stand toe to toe. We want to help you master the art of hitting without getting hit!

A step-by-step systemised approach to unorthodox elusive movement!


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Jake Clarke

Ghost was born and developed in competition. It has been tried and tested in the ring, in the cage and come out on top.

Ghost Elusive Combat is designed to avoid concussive blows which lead to permanent brain damage.

Ghost improves coordination, which is suggested to enhance brain function and health.

Moving targets are harder to hit, and this is why one of the underpinning principles in Ghost is Constant Movement. So you’ll take your cardio to a whole new level.

The style has been described as ‘awkward’ and ‘frustrating’ by opponents, and Ghosters are renowned for being insanely difficult to hit.

As Ghost is a system, it can complement other striking arts. Use it solely for defence should you get in trouble or use the principles to increase the variety in your current game.

Here's what people are saying about Ghost...

I know you might be a little sceptical about the benefits of Ghost, and that’s completely understandable, so here’s what a few people who have experienced Ghost have to say about it.

Matt Chapman
Matt ChapmanFormer MMA fighter - Founder of Mittmaster
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“Even as a practising martial artist for over 30 years, and an undefeated MMA fighter I’ve never experienced anything so humbling as sparring a ghost practitioner. In the few rounds we sparred, I didn’t come close to touching my opponent, but he seemed to hit me at will”
Tom Barlow
Tom BarlowFormer MMA fighter 3 x World No Gi Champion
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“There is no better experience than feeling your opponents punch zipping past your head and knowing you’re about to land a crushing blow. Ghost allows you to do just that…”
Erik Paulson
Erik Paulson2 x Shooto World Champion Trainer to multiple world champions
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“Phil’s Ghost system is amazing. He’s systemised elusive movement and created a style of striking that makes you incredibly hard to hit”
Bob Breen
Bob BreenGodfather of JKD Founder of 4D Combat
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“Innovative and highly functional, I consider Ghost as an essential part of the modern fighters tool kit”
Eddie Quinn
Eddie QuinnFounder of The Approach
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“Phil Norman’s Elusive Ghost Method is simply genius. I only wished I had thought of it myself”
Andy Norman
Andy NormanFounder of Defence Lab
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“Raised the bar to a whole new level, the Ghost is quite simply awesome!”
James Wilkes
James WilkesTUF Winner - UFC Fighter
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“Over 20+ years in martial arts and hundreds of top instructors, Phil Norman is one of the best instructors/coaches I have ever had. Not only can Phil really fight but he has the skills to pass it onto others. I highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity, to train with him as much as possible. ”
Terry Barnett
Terry BarnettJKD Instructor
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“Ghost Fighting’ is an intelligent solution to the age-old question of how to minimise being hit by an opponent and, when it is demonstrated by someone of Phil’s calibre, evolution and execution come together to make those watching true believers.”
Al Peasland
Al PeaslandComplete Self Protection
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“I’ve been privileged to attend a Ghost Seminar with Phil and his amazing team and I cannot recommend Phil and his revolutionary Ghost system enough”
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